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For more than 160 years, Mahr has been building and selling innovative products of the highest quality with a contemporary design. With regular certifications, we guarantee compliance with international standards  so that you as a customer can have the greatest possible confidence in our products.

We fulfil
globally recognized quality standards

Mahr maintains a quality management system certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Since the first accreditation in 1995, our process-oriented management system has been continuously expanded and optimized to achieve the desired sustainability.

Our management documentation is maintained using an interactive management system and is updated immediately in the event of changes. Auditing by our customers can be carried out on request.

Certification to VDA 6.4:2017 supplements our existing certification basis to ISO 9001:2015. Since manufacturers of production equipment cannot be certified to ISO/TS 16949, VDA 6.4 provides proof of compliance with automotive requirements in the relevant areas. Performance of the company's individual processes and subdivisions is evaluated within this framework.

DAkkS-DKD calibration laboratory according to DIN EN/IEC 17025:2018

Mahr GmbH operates two accredited DAkkS-DKD laboratories (DAkkS = German Accreditation Body) in Germany at its Göttingen and Esslingen sites for roughness, form deviation, contour, stylus instruments and length measuring instruments as well as for parallel gage blocks, diameters, form deviation, length measuring equipment and threads. Our laboratories are regularly accredited by DAkkS.

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