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What is the field of application?

Customized metrology solutions are needed in many different industries. They must master a wide variety of requirements in numerous application areas, which is why individual adaptation according to the measuring task is essential for the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and ultimately the success of a measuring machine.

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The Mahr Engineered Solutions portfolio


Innovative solutions for almost all combustion engine components and parts (such as engine block, injection system, ...), as well as for steering, transmission, seat rail and braking systems.

Precision parts

Whether shafts, rings or pneumatic elements: precisely manufactured components and workpieces are indispensable precisely when even the slightest deviations determine success or failure.


Our solutions in e-mobility: From battery to silent transmission, our metrology ensures quality and reliability right from the start.


Whether manual or highly automated: We offer metrology for high-precision roughness measurement on tooth flanks and measurement tasks such as dimension over balls or double flank gear inspection.


Whether dimensions, roughness or contour of raceways: high-precision measurement on individual components such as inner and outer rings or rolling elements as well as complete bearings in the installed condition.

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