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Regular, professional maintenance helps to preserve excellent technology and increase the availability of your machine. This minimizes the risk of capacity bottlenecks due to downtime.

Maintenance should therefore be carried out at regular intervals. This involves checking, adjusting and, if necessary, replacing wearing parts in your measuring equipment, no matter whether it is a hand-held measuring instrument or a measuring system. A final calibration measurement ensures compliance with the national standard.

Our services

  • Adjustment of measuring stations in the event of deviations from the specified tolerance
  • Replacement of typical wear parts
  • Cleaning of measuring instruments
  • Oiling or greasing of moving parts if required
  • Repair of minor faults
  • Setting of all mechanical, pneumatic and electronic functions as well as testing of the software used
  • Testing of technical function parameters and adjustment of measuring stations

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Calibration at DAkkS level

Mahr is your certified and experienced specialist in the field of testing and calibration. Our laboratories are certified to ISO 17025 and work independently of manufacturers.

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