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Our service agreements – packages with added value

Whether it's day-to-day business or an exceptional situation: When you use our service, you want fast, competent support – without having to worry about costs. This is exactly what Mahr Service Values is for: Our agreements for maintenance, software maintenance, warranty extension, hotline and remote support.

With Mahr Service Values, you can conveniently get the right service for your needs – and keep full control over your budget. Depending on the package, we can also guarantee you shorter response times or prioritization when arranging appointments.

Maintenance agreement

Mahr Service Value Classic

In addition to individual maintenance, we offer MSV Classic, an ideal agreement for regular, recurring maintenance. While you concentrate on your core business, we look after scheduling and carry out the annual inspection of your Mahr measuring machines – including calibration, maintenance records and detailed machine report. Nasty surprises are a thing of the past.

  • Price advantage and guarantee
  • No additional costs for lubricants and cleaning agents
  • Prioritized handling for remote support & technician dispatch
  • Never forget maintenance: Mahr Service will contact you in due time when the next maintenance is due
  • Maintenance once yearly for 2-shift operation
  • Includes lubricants and cleaning agents
  • Documentation: Calibration certificate and maintenance protocol with detailed machine report
  • Prioritized handling for remote support and technician dispatch
  • Duration: 12 months (automatic renewal)

Bonus When booking MSV Classic, new customers receive a voucher for a 1 or 2-day seminar at the Mahr Academy (excludes AUKOM training courses).


Hotline & Remote Support

Mahr Service Value Remote

Telephone advice and remote support at a fixed price – even after the warranty has expired: That's what MSV Remote offers you. Book an hourly quota at a special rate and avail of them whenever you need. You benefit from transparent and scalable costs and can concentrate fully on solving the problem with us in an emergency.

  • Price advantage and guarantee
  • Fast response, thus ensuring high machine availability
  • Prioritized handling with remote contract
  • Within warranty / manufacturer's warranty free of charge
  • Minute-based billing (initial analysis free of charge)
  • Remote contract with annual flat rate
  • Bookable hourly quota at a special rate
Extended warranty

Mahr Service Value Extended Warranty

Our metrology has impressed generations with its long service life. But even when the regular manufacturer's warranty expires, we don't want to leave you out in the lurch: That is why we offer you the reasonably priced MSV Extended Warranty. In combination with the MSV Classic maintenance agreement, you can extend the warranty for selected measuring systems by 12 months.

  • Price guarantee
  • Ensuring high machine availability
  • Free remote support
  • Prioritized handling and appointment planning
  • Manufacturer's extended 12-month warranty
  • In combination with a maintenance agreement
  • Available for selected products*


* MarForm MMQ 100/200/400, MarShaft SCOPE 250/350/750/1000, MarSurf CD/VD/GD

Software maintanance agreement

Mahr Service Value Software

Not just your hardware, but also your software requires regular care. With MSV software, we have the right software maintenance agreement for you, to ensure smooth long-term use. As part of our maintenance, we update your MarWin measuring software. This ensures compatibility with other Mahr measuring machines and compliance with current standards and guidelines.

  • Consistency across your machines – thus best compatibility of programs & reproducible basic conditions
  • More than 90% less storage space required (from MarWin Version 11)
  • Continuous bug-fixing
  • Up-to-date functionality
  • Latest software version installed
  • Performed once a year together with maintenance
  • Only bookable in conjunction with MSV Classic
  • Duration: 24 months (automatic renewal)
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