Contour measurement

Contour measurement: unprecedented precision and speed

Tactile contour measuring instruments

Reliable measuring stations for contour measurement

The measuring stations set new standards in contour inspections. Shorter measuring times, flexible applications and easy handling significantly improve the performance of your quality assurance.

Maximum flexibility:

Show creativity when clamping your workpieces using our new integrated support plate.

• plenty of space (390 mm x 450 mm) for workpieces up to 90kg
• plug-in stops as a quick and reproducible universal solution
• bore grid in standard system: Access to many standard solutions (e.g. Witte, DK, Maprox)
• large measuring volume by contour probe arms up to 490 mm long and a measuring range up to 100 mm
Best performance:

Our stationary measuring systems offer optimal performance when you need quick and precise measurements.

• quick axes with positioning speeds of up to 50 m/s in Z- and up to 200 mm/s in X-direction
• save up to 50% time when setting up the measuring station thanks to bore grid
• short measuring times thanks to highly dynamic probe system high measuring speeds
Maximum process reliability:

Concentrate on what’s important. Let us do the rest.

• reproducible mounting and changeover of workpieces with minimal operator influence
• faster tool-free probe arm change without recalibration
• intelligent probe systems with automatic probe arm detection
Correct, reproducible measurement
Freely programmable measuring sequences
Intuitive handling

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