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Clever measuring devices, excellent results

A length gage is only as good as the fixture in which it is installed. The entire measuring circuit ultimately determines how accurate, reliable and reproducible measuring results are achieved. For this purpose, our engineering team designs manual devices individually for the respective requirement and suitable for the respective need; from semi-automatic to fully automatic measuring stations. The basis for this is the proven sensor technology of the Mahr Millimar family in combination with our decades of experience in fixture construction.

Typical requirements for our solutions:

  • Measurements in the workshop or at the processing machine
  • Measurement results within a few seconds
  • Simple operation or operation by workshop personnel
  • Robust, reliable and highly accurate

We always develop the right solution for your task, regardless of the sector or industry.

Using Mahr’s Engineered Solutions measuring devices, dimensional features such as diameter, length, distance, height, position, radial runout and roundness can be measured quickly, easily and precisely.

Solutions according to the type of operation

Dimensional solutions from Mahr Engineered Solutions

Manual solutions

Manual loading & measurement

  • Measure directly in production
  • Simplest handling
  • Measuring result is available within a few seconds
  • Reliable and safe measurement by workshop personnel
Semi-automatic solutions

Manual loading & fully automatic measurement

  • Dynamic measurements
  • Complex measuring tasks
  • Increased efficiency through automation of measuring sequences
Fully automatic machines

Fully automatic inline measurement

  • Measuring cell for integration in the production line
  • Automatic workpiece recognition and measuring program selection
  • Workpiece feeding and alignment
  • Workpiece classification
  • Laser marking of the workpiece
OEM solutions

Measuring modules for inline integration

  • Integration of measuring heads in production and assembly lines
  • Cooperation with integrators according to customer requirements
  • Simple connection and integration
  • High-precision metrology from the expert as part of a complete system
SPC measuring stations

Turnkey solutions for different measuring tasks

  • Complete SPC measuring stations with a wide variety of measuring equipment for handling all pending measuring tasks in a production process
  • Complete metrological equipment for production lines and/or workshops
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