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Smallest parts, big effect

It doesn't always have to be a completely new measuring system. Sometimes even a minor adaptation of your standard measuring station can enable it to perform the desired measuring task. This does not have to be particularly complex; often a special probe arm, the right workpiece holder or a small software adaptation is enough to make the measuring station simpler and more efficient.

As a metrology specialist, we not only develop and build the individual special component, but always have a holistic view of the complete measurement circuit as well as the sensor technology used and your specific requirements. From our point of view, this is the only way to create the best solution.

Typical requirements for our solutions:

  • Making hard to reach measuring points accessible

  • High demands on reproducibility with narrow tolerances

  • Solutions optimized for special work sequences

  • Multiple measuring tasks without further operator intervention
Solutions according to type of execution

Accessories from Mahr Engineered Solutions

Special probe arms
  • For Mahr products from the areas of form and location measurement as well as contour and roughness metrology
  • Avoid probe arm changes
  • Make complex and hard-to-reach measuring points accessible
  • High-precision clamps for form and position measurement
  • Solution from the metrology specialist for clamping devices as part of the measurement circuit
Workpiece holders
  • Holders with quick-change principle, for fast, easy and reliable setup
  • Holders for pallet measurement
  • Easily set up complex workpieces for demanding measuring tasks
Positioning aids
  • Simplify work at existing measuring stations, e.g. fine positioning of difficult measuring points
  • Facilitate handling of large and heavy workpieces
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