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We understand our craft

Through years of experience and the excellent training of our team members, we are experts in solving even the most complex challenges. Our customers have already been convinced of this in over 1,000 individually implemented projects. With our multi-layered competencies, we will develop the right customer-specific solution for you.

Dimensional Metrology

Solutions for dimensional features

Clever solutions for the field of dimensional metrology; measure dimensional features such as diameter, length, distance, height, position, radial runout and roundness quickly, easily and precisely.

Contour and Surface

Contour and surface solutions

With these Engineered Solutions measuring devices, contour and surface features such as roughness, angle, radius or diameter can be recorded quickly and reliably.


Automated measuring solutions

From semi- to fully automatic: With automated solutions you can produce high quantities or very complex features without operator influence. We also offer solutions for upstream and downstream process steps and peripherals.


Wide range of accessory solutions

From minor adaptations of a standard measuring station to the design of special components: with our wide range of accessory solutions, we enable you or your machine to perform the desired measuring task.

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