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"Can we do better?" The Mahr application specialists ask themselves this question every day – and they do it for you.
Our application engineers are technically competent and highly motivated to assist you
when you are facing a tricky measuring task, need measuring programs for complex workpieces or you need staff training for deployment at a new measuring station.

Our goal is clear: We want the handling of our machines to be as easy as possible for you and your processes to run optimally. We are here to help make this happen.

Timo Dankenbrink
Head of Application Engineering

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Overview of application engineering services

Application engineering at Mahr - that means application support on all levels.

Find out the services we offer here:

Expert support from professionals for professionals

Creating the right measuring concept for a complex measuring task is not so easy: Numerous details must be taken into account until the correct probe is determined, the best workpiece position is found and the optimum measuring routine is defined. All the more important that you can rely on the know-how and experience of Mahr.

Our application engineers will advise you on selecting the appropriate measuring system and work out an individual concept together with you to find the best possible measuring solution for your requirements.

Individual measuring programs for your workpieces

In addition to high-quality hardware, the measuring program is key in order to be able to perform quality control on complex workpieces reliably and reproducibly. But what if your own company does not have the resources or expertise to develop the appropriate measurement program?

This is where Mahr's application engineering comes into play: After an extensive analysis, we create the appropriate, individual measuring program for you. If desired, contract programming can also include the design and manufacture of equipment.

Use the full potential of your measurement solution

You will only be able to use the potential of your length, form or surface measuring system or your software properly with good training. Therefore, our user and software training courses will enable you and your employees to operate the system independently and responsibly, as well as identify and eliminate minor faults unaided. The training concept is flexibly designed and leaves room for individual needs.

Tip: To ensure that you use your new measuring solution efficiently right from the start, we recommend that you combine user training directly with commissioning. You will learn everything you need to know for trouble-free, efficient operation - including practical tips - directly at the measuring station. 

We offer you many different types of training, such as:

  • Basic training
  • Device training
  • Software training
  • Combination training

Individual or serial parts: Measurements on your behalf

Do you need to bridge short-term capacity bottlenecks or want to sample new components? Not worth buying an expensive measurement solution?

There are many good reasons to commission an external service provider with your measurements. Mahr, therefore, also offers subcontract measurements. We can measure your workpieces, samples and first batches for you - including documentation.

Use our subcontract measurement service if ..

  • ... your own measuring capacities are fully utilized
  • ... a complex measuring task is to be undertaken
  • ... you need support for new measuring tasks
  • ... there are short and medium-term bottlenecks in your quality assurance

The reliable proof of excellent skills

When workpiece tolerance demands are high, measuring systems are often operating at the limit of their capabilities. So Mahr can check whether your measuring machines and equipment are suitable for the tasks in hand. A fundamental distinction is made between testing under ideal and real conditions.

A test under ideal conditions takes place in Mahr's own laboratory (or alternatively in your measuring room) and serves as a general capability test. For this purpose, process measurements are carried out according to ISO 9001. The second variant, the test under real conditions, includes location and operator factors. This way you can be sure that your measuring machine also measures reliably at the respective installation site without environmental influences ruining the results.

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