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Engineered Solutions MarSurf Engineered Series 1300

Art. no. 9901300_MES

This measuring station can be used for automated roughness measurements on tooth flanks. Roughness parameters on tooth flanks and shafts can be measured with modules of >1 using the BFW probe system with minimal offset of the stylus tip. Measurements on outer toothing, straight and helical teeth (on right or left side) up to a diameter of approx. 170 mm can be implemented.
A special support program enables the operator to quickly create a new measuring program.

Engineered Solutions MarSurf Engineered Series 1300

Efficient measurements with the right software

The special operator software used to measure the gear ensures that a variety of gears can be measured easily and quickly. The relevant gear data (e.g. number of teeth, diameter, module and angle of the helical teeth) simply needs to be entered and the measuring sequence is calculated accordingly. The required measuring points must be selected separately. Once the measuring routine has been started, all of the measurements are completed with no operator intervention following a visual check.
No operator intervention

After starting the support program, the drive unit is adjusted by the relevant angle of the helical teeth, the machine determines the start point automatically and starts the measuring routine. Only a visual check is completed by the operator.
The automated rotational axis cycles to the next tooth according to the tooth pitch of the gear.

Extremely easy to operate

By using the family program, the measuring station can be used to measure different gears. No metrological or specific knowledge of the measuring station or any programming knowledge for measuring sequences is required in order to perform the measurement.

Engineered Solutions MarSurf Engineered Series 1300 | Art. no. 9901300_MES
Measuring principle tactile
MarSurf GD 25 executes roughness measurements using skidless tracing. This ensures that all of the workpiece data is recorded correctly and can be evaluated.
Software-guided operation
The gear support program enables simple and efficient control of the measuring station. The measuring sequence is created automatically via the input screens.
Automated processes
Following input of the gear data and the required measurement features, the measurement is started automatically following a tooth gap search.
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