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Measure precision components quickly and intuitively

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Digimar 817 CLT ermöglicht hochpräzises Messen

When it comes to the quality assurance of precision components, particularly high demands are placed on the measuring technology. The new Mahr Digimar 817 CLT height measuring device convinced one manufacturer so much that he immediately ordered seven devices for his site near Esslingen.

In order to reliably measure the workpiece dimensions of precision parts, prototypes and assemblies, a Swabian manufacturer was looking for a powerful measuring device. This is because the components are used in industries such as aerospace, automation and medical technology, as well as in optical and measuring systems. Maximum precision is what matters here. The Swabian manufacturer specializes in manufacturing processes such as 3D printing, milling, waterjet cutting, turning and the production of complete assemblies. A wide variety of materials are processed – metals as well as plastics, composite and special materials or alloys of titanium and nickel. The quality assurance team started looking for a suitable measuring solution – a height measuring device was the focus from the very beginning, as the responsible quality technician reports. Due to the good experiences of their own customers and suppliers with measuring technology from Mahr, the quality management team contacted the metrology specialist. The geographic proximity to the Mahr site in Esslingen proved to be practical.

Micrometer-precise lengths, distances, diameters
Mahr's new Digimar 817 CLT height measuring device was a perfect fit for the company's special measuring tasks: It enables high-precision measurement of distances, diameters, and the squareness of components – with micrometer accuracy and for all materials used. "Via function keys such as up/down probing or via bore measurements, the probe determines the desired value motor-driven," explains Oliver Lang, Product Manager at Mahr. "The device can be used for large and small parts of different materials in measuring rooms, but also in nearby production. This avoids scrap and downtime, reduces costs, and keeps production flowing in the long term." In addition, with the Digimar 817 CLT, measurement results can be evaluated quickly and intuitively with the MarCom transmission software via cable or wireless transmission. The results are saved as a PDF or in other common formats.

Digimar 817 CLT: Ergonomics at all levels
An important feature that also immediately excited the Swabians is the swiveling touch display, which ensures that the Digimar 817 CLT can be operated as comfortably as a tablet: Large buttons, clearly structured menus, and self-explanatory icons enable fast, fluid processes and reduce the error rate. At the same time, the measuring device is always at eye level with the operator, as it is height-adjustable and can be customized. With the Digimar 817 CLT, the company now carries out specific measuring tasks quickly and precisely – diameter checks and length dimension determinations, in particular, are part of its daily business. "The Digimar gives us a whole new way of quality assurance," says the manufacturer's quality technician.

Zero tolerance, 100 percent accuracy of fit
This was also the reason why the manufacturer of precision components chose seven Digimar devices for its location. They are now located in different production areas. This allows employees to work with them across departments. "We try to standardize where possible. This also increases acceptance among employees," explains the quality technician. The Digimar devices are now used where measurement accuracy is required: in inspections during production as well as in final inspections, so that the quality is reliably correct. After all, the parts are used in industries such as medical technology and aerospace, and that means zero tolerance, 100 percent fitting accuracy.

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