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Calibration according to the new ISO 21920 standard

| Marketing Team

Effective immediately, Mahr in Göttingen is also offering its proven calibration service in accordance with the new ISO 21920 roughness standard. The company has successfully completed the required accreditation by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS).

Customers can now have their surface metrology standards calibrated according to the new ISO 21920 series of profile standards in Mahr's own DAkkS laboratory. "The previous profile standards have been withdrawn and replaced by the new roughness standards," explains Arne Deppe, Manager Calibration Center Systems Göttingen. In this context, long-standing parameters and familiar designations will disappear over time and be replaced by new ones.

To make this transition period easier for customers, Mahr's DAkkS laboratory issues calibration certificates for surface standards in accordance with both the previous standards and the new ISO 21920 series of standards. "This allows our customers to compare the parameters directly and see the changes at a glance," says Deppe.

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