Mahr | Company History

From visionary pioneer
to global player

Starting out as a small family business in the Swabian town of Esslingen, Mahr has stood for innovative measuring technology across the world for almost 160 years. A leading company in the literal sense of the word, we have developed from a visionary pioneer to a global player.

We are proud to have reached and witnessed many technical milestones and we will continue to pursue the goal we have set for ourselves while embracing the technologies of the future.



Carl Mahr founds the parent company in Esslingen am Neckar. The first product is the slide gage, a tool that is to become valuable and indispensable in the years to come, especially during the expansion of the railroad network.


Introduction of the meter

One of the most important dates in Mahr history: The introduction of the meter, and with it the standardization of inches, feet, cubits, rods and miles, means that Mahr can sell its meter rulers and slide gages to workshops and factories throughout the region.


The rocking horse

Mahr develops the first mechanical length measuring instrument that achieves an accuracy of 1/1000 mm when read off the vernier: the rocking horse.


German Standardization Committee

Oscar Mahr, son of company founder Carl Mahr who died in 1899, is co-founder of the German standardization committee.


Feinprüf GmbH established in Göttingen, Germany

After the death of his father Oscar, Carl Mahr II successfully expands the family business: the factory in Göttingen is opened. Business is flourishing, Mahr's punctuality and accuracy is highly valued by customers.


Start of internationalization

The foundation is laid for Mahr's international career, which begins in Charlotte (USA). From here, under the management of Thomas Keidel, the great-great-grandson of the company founder, Mahr adds locations around the world and expands its product range.


Economic upswing

After turbulent years and events, including the financial crisis of 2009, Mahr finds its way back to its strength under the management of Thomas Keidel's cousin, Stephan Gais, and Ulrich Kaspar: Mahr closes the year with the strongest turnover in company history at EUR 215 million.


Patented radio technology

Mahr's hand-held electronic measuring tools are equipped with radio technology and can thus be operated wirelessly, which is a real innovation.


Expansion of management

In addition to the CEO, Stephan Gais, and Ulrich Kaspar, responsible for the hand-held measuring equipment division, two additional members of the management board complete the quartet. In 2017, Udo Erath takes on the management of business operations with a focus on production, development and quality management. In 2019, Manuel Hüsken takes over as head of sales, marketing, application technology, service and customer solutions.


Digitalization & new markets

One of the strengths of the worldwide Mahr Group is to be flexible. The world is on the move: Topics such as electromobility or even digitalization are becoming increasingly important in 2020/21 and are thus part of Mahr's strategy for the future. There is also a change in personnel at the turn of the year: Dr. Lutz Aschke becomes part of the Management Board and is responsible worldwide for Human Resources, Controlling & Finance, and IT.


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