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Stand-alone machines - automated solutions

Does your production work with high quantities? Or do you have a large number of complex features that today you can only monitor reliably with great effort in your quality assurance? Automated measurement solutions can make all the difference. Using a combination of in-house expertise in metrology, mechanical design and automation, we work hand-in-hand with you to develop the right solution for you: from low to high budget, via semi-automated to fully automated.

In addition to metrology, we also offer solutions for upstream and downstream process steps and peripherals.

This includes the following services, among others:

    • Automatic workpiece recognition
    • Workpiece pre-alignment 
    • Workpiece laser marking 
    • Classification 
    • Loading and unloading 
    • Bulk material feeder with separation
    • Transport and conveying solutions 
    • and much more.

    Typical customer demands on our solutions are:

    • Fully automatic measurement without any operator influence
    • Prompt measurement 24h/day
    • Cost reduction through avoidance of personnel commitment
    • Integration of measurement technology in production lines
    • Reliable and traceable acquisition of measurement data
    • Combination of different measuring principles/ measuring devices/ sensors
    Solutions by design-type
    Automatic measuring stations

    Measurement without staff involvement

    • Fully automatic processing of multiple and complex measuring tasks
    • Combination of several measuring sensors into one measuring station
    • Automated measuring room
    • Operation without metrology personnel
    Inline solutions

    Measuring stations for inline integration

    • Complete measuring stations with workpiece feeding and output
    • Automated workpiece handling in the measuring station
    • Automatic workpiece recognition and measuring program selection
    • Fully automatic measurement
    Complete inline solutions

    Measuring station with peripherals

    • Workpiece feeding and alignment
    • Workpiece classification
    • Laser marking of the workpiece
    • Bulk material feeder
    • Inspection tasks such as crack detection
    • and much more.
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