Competences | Contour and Surface Metrology

Radius, angle, roughness - or chamfer?

No matter what surface you want to measure – we determine your needs and find exactly the sensor technology you need for the optimal realization of your measurement project. To do this, we not only draw on a broad in-house portfolio, but also on our in-depth experience in the field of design and development. We find a practical, smart solution for every task.

    With Engineered Solutions measuring devices from Mahr, contour and surface features such as roughness or diameter can be measured quickly, easily and precisely.

    Typical requirements for our solutions:

    • Quick & easy measurement on complex workpiece geometries
    • Increased efficiency in the measuring room by means of sophisticated clamping devices and workpiece positioning aids
    • Cost reduction: No personnel involved during the measurement process
    • Reliable measurement with high metrological requirements
    • Use directly in the workshop & Operation by workshop personnel
    • Highest reproducibility due to autonomous measurement without any operator influence
    Solutions according to type of operation

    Contour and surface solutions from Mahr Engineered Solutions

    Manual supports

    Quick & easy help in your everyday work

    • Elimination of time-consuming setup and alignment of workpieces
    • Easy measurement of complex or difficult measuring tasks
    • Error reduction through avoidance of incorrect operation
    • Organize recurring measuring sequences efficiently, simply and safely
    Mobile solutions

    The measuring equipment comes to the workpiece

    • The size of the workpiece requires measurement directly at the production site
    • Measurement directly in the production line, without ejection of the workpiece
    • Surface measuring task as part of an SPC measuring station
    Manual measuring stations

    Positioning & recurring measuring tasks made easy

    • Targeted and simple organization of the processing of individual measuring tasks
    • Easy handling of large and heavy workpieces
    • Efficient processing of recurring measuring tasks, e.g. work sequence plans
    Automatic measuring stations

    Automated measuring sequences without tying up personnel

    • No operator influence on measuring results
    • No staff need to be involved during measurement
    • Automation and high-precision metrology combined across the entire measurement circuit
    • High quality design for 24/7 operation
    Fully automatic measuring stations

    Insert workpiece, start measurement & get result

    • Fully automatic inline processing of numerous & complex measuring tasks without staff involvement
    • All-in-one measuring station: Automatic workpiece recognition & selection of measuring program, probe arm, etc.
    • High-quality design for 24/7 operation in production
    • Operation by workshop personnel
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