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With competence to success

The Mahr Academy is our service to you to provide you with product training as well as technical know-how. Profit from our offers on metrology, test equipment and quality inspection. Every minute of every Mahr seminar is an effective investment in your own know-how.

Practical relevance

Experience shows: ability requires practice! That is why practical application is the focus of every Mahr offer.


Learning is effective in a group. Exchange ideas and benefit from the experiences of other participants.

Small groups

The small groups in our seminars & trainings allow everyone a chance to speak and all questions to be answered.

Webinars On Demand

All offers are also available to you online as webinars. This means you can receive training from our experts at any time from home or on the road.

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Training and seminars

The Mahr Academy offers seminars from our partner AUKOM as well as Mahr seminars specially tailored to your needs. You also have the opportunity to register for the topic-oriented Mahr Focus Weeks - and thus experience both AUKOM and Mahr seminars as a complete package.

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Our topics:

  •     Quality and test equipment management
  •     Product training for the practical application of production metrology
  •     New standards DIN / ISO / GPS
  •     AUKOM courses (AUKOM Level 1-3, AUKOM Form and Position, AUKOM
        Management Workshop)

Attend seminars online

  • Large digital eLearning offer
  • Access anytime and from anywhere
  • Individual customization possible
About | Trainers

Theory and practice from one source

Our highly qualified trainers are experts in their field, because they themselves have been in the metrology industry for years and know what they are talking about. They are also the right people to talk to if you have individual problems – try it out!

Mahr Academy | Manager

Dr. Christoph Blum

Department: AUKOM Level 1-3, AUKOM Management, Surface, Form & Position, Gear

Mahr Academy | Trainer

Carsten Hunold

Department: Surface

Mahr Academy | Trainer

Jakob Schlie

Department: AUKOM Level 1 & 2

Mahr Academy | Trainer

Frederik Elsner-Dörge

Department: Surface

Mahr Academy | Trainer

Jan Rehbein

AUKOM Level 1

Mahr Academy | Trainer

Martin Jacobsen

AUKOM Level 1

Mahr Academy | Trainer

Stefan Lüders

AUKOM Level 1

Anything is possible

Do you have any special requests regarding the content of your seminar?
Or would you like the training to take place directly on your premises? No problem at all, just contact us.

About | Contact

Do you have questions?

Dr. Christoph Blum
Contact | Mahr Academy

Dr. Christoph Blum

As your contact person for seminars, training courses and professional events at the Mahr Academy, I will be happy to answer your questions and receive your suggestions.

+49 551 7073-99606
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