MarForm | High-precision universal form measuring machine

MarForm MMQ 500 incl. T7W (Z=470/X=280 mm), CNC table

Art. no. 5440901

Highly efficient CNC form measuring device MarForm MMQ 500

The high-precision and very fast MarForm MMQ 500 was designed for a wide range of workpieces and measuring tasks and is very easy to operate thanks to the intuitive software. That's why it is the best choice among table-top form measuring devices.

MarForm MMQ 500 incl. T7W (Z=470/X=280 mm), CNC table
MarForm MMQ 500 incl. T7W (Z=470/X=280 mm), CNC table
The MMQ 500 is the best choice among the tabletop form testers due to its many possibilities for high-precision measuring. The optimized design of the machine ensures that it can be implemented universally and guarantees maximum utilization. The innovative design of the device makes it very easy to operate: you can position all of the components perfectly for your measurement using just one hand. The sophisticated, high-performance software ensures measurements are completed quickly and safely.

  • Can be used universally for small workpieces of just a few millimeters right through to
  • heavy workpieces of up to 80kg
  • Measurement of form, position, roughness, contour, and lead in one measuring sequence
  • Intuitive software
  • Highest axis accuracy even as the tolerances become smaller
  • Best repeatability even for difficult measuring task
Faster alignment
The centering and tilting table enables alignments to be completed faster than on comparable models thus increasing efficiency and productivity.
Universality and high load capacity:
Measure a variety of different workpieces weighing up to 80 kg; for example with our innovative quick-clamping device for bearing rings of various sizes.
MarForm MMQ 500 incl. T7W (Z=470/X=280 mm), CNC table | Art. no. 5440901
Messgeschwindigkeit Z-Achse till 100 mm/s
Tischbelastung max. 800 kg
Roundness deviation C-axis 0,01 + 0,00025
Axial running deviation C-axis 0,02 + 0,0001
Parallelism deviation 0,6
Centering and tilting table automatic
Table diameter (mm) 300 
Label Art. no.
Rel_MarForm MarWin
MarWin MarForm
Short total testing time
Fast alignment of komplex workpieces
Precise measurements
The increased accuracy of the machine ensures a lower level of measurement uncertainty. This ensures that the production machines have a wider scope and that production can be more cost-effective.
Wide range of workpieces
From small to large and heavy – from form to roughness through to contour and line form: The MMQ 500 can be used for a wide range of workpieces.
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