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Contour measurement made easy

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The components are brought into the correct position for each measuring process within the shortest set-up times.

Mahr cooperation partner dk FIXIERSYSTEME has developed an interface to the modular system of the MarSurf CD, MarSurf GD and MarSurf VD series. This allows workpieces to lie securely and always in the perfect measuring position in the roughness and contour measuring devices. With this joint project of Mahr and dk, numerous measuring tasks can be solved and the measuring processes accelerated.

Components can be highly complex, large, tiny, angular or round – depending on their subsequent place of use. The decisive factor is that they perform optimally in machines, tools, chassis and the like. For this reason, workpieces are subjected to continuous quality testing during their production. This also applies to their surface contour: It must meet precise specifications and have characteristics that are accurate to the micrometer. Otherwise, there is a risk of rejects or even malfunctions.

It is precisely for this purpose that Mahr has developed the powerful roughness and contour measuring instruments of the MarSurf CD, MarSurf GD and MarSurf VD series, which check contours as well as the roughness of surfaces to the micrometer and can thus detect deviations and defects as quickly as possible. The three instrument series accelerate measuring processes by increasing axis speed. Their highly dynamic touch probe system has been equipped with intelligence. The result: users enjoy maximum flexibility and safety with improved precision.


CD-GD-VD gets versatile interface

The components must be brought into the correct position and fixed for each measuring process within the shortest possible setup times. "In this context, it is extremely important that fixtures and clamping devices cover the achievement of many geometric features of the component to be measured in the best possible way," explains Jürgen Zimmermann, Field Application Engineer at Mahr. This was the reason why Mahr brought the manufacturer of flexible fixturing and clamping devices, dk FIXIERSYSTEME, on board even before the product launch. dk first adapted the base plate for "dk-Systeme SWA 39" to the Mahr devices and aligned it with the probe. This base plate now serves as the interface to dk's extensive modular system with more than 1000 parts. "On our quick-action clamping fixture with adapter plate 25/50, for example, tiltable or rotatable fixtures can be configured by means ofdiverse assembly, adjustment and clamping elements. This allows workpieces to be placed in exactly the right position – in just a few simple steps," explains dk sales manager Karl Holzer. In this way, the dk clamping systems ensure absolutely secure measurement through stable fixation and a reliable hold. Thus, they increase productivity due to the reproducible setup and low fixture and assembly costs.

Small revolution in measurement technology

The first joint project of the two companies was a real visitor magnet at the Control trade show at that time – it attracted numerous experts to the Mahr booth. It was like a small revolution in measurement technology, confirms metrology expert Zimmermann, and laid the foundation for the successful cooperation between the two companies that has continued ever since. It is true that there had already been cooperation between Mahr and dk before, but only in the form of smaller individual projects.

Since then, Mahr customers have received concrete suggestions as to which clamping systems are best suited for the workpieces to be inspected. In addition, the metrology professionals have put together a starter set as solid basic equipment. It includes:

  • a dk SWA39 quick-action clamping fixture "Mahr" system
  • a quick clamp swivel unit,
  • a precision three-jaw chuck 50 mm,
  • a precision vice 35 mm,
  • a prism 120° with variable stop,
  • a spring clamp with fastening for the prism as well as
  • a quick-action angle element 45°.

The set elements are available individually or complete in an accessory case.

Fun fact: The Reutlingen-based company has been part of the Kipp Group for around 15 years. The latter in turn uses Mahr measuring systems for quality control in production. This closes the circle of cooperation perfectly.

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