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MarSurf M 310: Double upgrade for even more applications

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Mobiles Rauheistmessgerät MarSurf M310 mit Barcode-Scanner

Mahr has increased the scope of use of its mobile roughness measuring device MarSurf M 310 with two innovations: From now on, you can connect a hand-held scanner to read in barcodes or QR codes. In addition, the measuring device is now also available as a PC variant, which enables use with professional measuring software.

Since its market launch, the MarSurf M 310 has stood for flexibility and simplicity in the mobile acquisition of roughness parameters. Whether in production or incoming goods inspection: the MarSurf M 310 is convincing because it is handy and easy to operate, and thus quality inspections can be carried out reliably even with little metrological knowledge. An optional printer and numerous interfaces ensure easy documentation of the measurement results. Even the traceability of data according to IATF 16949 can be guaranteed without effort.

Simply scan & start directly: Scanner for barcodes and QR codes

With the new "QR/barcode scanner" function, you can now connect commercially available hand-held scanners to your M 310 via USB or Bluetooth. By scanning a bar code or QR code on your workpiece, you as the user directly call up a function preprogrammed in the device: For example, you automatically start the respective measuring program or read additional workpiece information (drawing no., etc.) into the profile information. Manual input via the touch display or manual selection of the measuring program is no longer necessary.

The advantage is obvious: error sources are significantly reduced by the automated scanning process and even untrained colleagues can perform measurements with confidence.

The cost-efficient way to a full-fledged measuring station: The MarSurf M 310 as PC variant

The Mar Surf M 310 is now available in combination with the proven MarWin Easy Roughness measuring software. With the professional software, you can expand the range of functions of your mobile roughness measuring instrument cost-effectively by numerous parameters and obtain new possibilities for data evaluation. The connection is made via cable or Bluetooth.

By using the MarSurf M 310 with MarWin, for example, these functionalities can be implemented:

  • Multiple measurements with segmented measurements
  • Start program sequences via function keys: Activate results, profiles, globally standardized parameters and characteristic curves with a simple click
  • Virtual rulers: Interactive definition of distances in X and Z direction in the profile field to view defined profile areas
  • Simple operation: Operating instructions with photos between measurements

In addition to a basic version of MarWin Easy Roughness, seven optional software packages are available. These allow you to adapt the compact measuring station to your individual needs.

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