Millimar | Length metrology

Flexible measurement in production

Millimar | Length metrology

Individual solutions for your measuring tasks

The Millimar product family offers state-of-the-art metrology: modular, precise, flexible and user-friendly. This makes Millimar perfect for
modern and quality-conscious manufacturing.

Simple operation – precise measurement

As a precision manufacturer, you want to work with simple and flexible metrology that delivers exact results. Every employee in production should be able to measure their workpieces quickly, reliably and correctly with it. Since the production parts also change frequently, the metrology should be easy to convert. This is exactly what Millimar offers you!



Flexible and modular

Every Millimar solution for a measuring task consists of three components: Display and evaluation device or software - sensor - measuring device. With Millimar you benefit from decisive advantages.

Flexible and modular product combinations for every measurement task

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Large selection of measuring sensors

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Different modules for individual measurement requirements

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High data transmission rate for dynamic measurements

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Clear visualization for production

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Reliable measurement results thanks to simple operation

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Industries and applications

Thanks to its outstanding adaptability to the respective customer requirements, the Millimar product family is ideally suited for many applications, for example:

  • Components of the automotive industry such as brake and belt pulleys
  • Components in the aviation industry such as turbine blades
  • Implants, hip or knee joint endoprostheses in medical technology
  • Gear wheels or rolling bearings in mechanical engineering
  • Housings and printed circuit boards in household and consumer electronics


The following measuring tasks can be solved with Millimar:

Static measurements
1. Thickness measurement with one measuring sensor
2. Sum measurement
3. Differential measurement
Dynamic measurements
4. Coaxiality
5. Ovality
6. Runout
Multi-point measurements
7. Conicity
8. Concentricity
9. Symmetry offset

New: Millimar C 1202

With the new Millimar C 1202, you get the next generation of multi-channel compact devices for length metrology – ideal for your measurement tasks with manageable complexity. Thanks to its sophisticated features such as the tiltable, readable display, the clear menu navigation and the flexible display of measured values, it offers maximum ergonomics and user-friendliness.


Exchangeable modules

In combination with one of the easy-to-change modules of the N 1700 series, you get the measuring instrument perfectly suited to your measuring task. You can use it to solve a wide range of measuring tasks, e.g. static and dynamic measurements, but also cone calculations. Depending on the module, you can also use existing probes from other manufacturers, which reduces your costs.

To the product

Flexible and productive

The sophisticated equipment of the
Millimar C 1202 ensures safety and precision:

  • N 1700 modular system for maximum flexibility

  • Programmable measuring sequences for more productivity

  • Perfect visualization: three features can be displayed simultaneously

  • Display can be optimally read from all viewing angles

  • Static or dynamic measuring tasks

  • USB and Digimatic interfaces for easy connection

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Our Millimar components for your measuring tasks:

The N 1700 modules are designed as a bus system for convenient and safe evaluation of your measurement sensors. They can be expanded as required, are independent in their sequence and are slim and compact. This means you can always put together the right solution for your individual measurement task.

Probes and sensors arethe most influential components of a measurement chain. Their properties determine the quality of the entire measurement. The measuring sensors of the Millimar portfolio differ depending on the measuring task in order to provide an exact result at any time.

The compact length measuring devices fromMillimar are robust and easy to operate. The universally applicable evaluation and display devices are suitable for measuring tasks with manageable complexity. They can be used both in production and in the measuring room.

As a smart and universally applicable software for complex measuring tasks in the production area, the Millimar Cockpit software has preset measuring tasks. On the other hand, you have the possibility to realize your individual measurements.

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