MarSurf | Roughness measuring station

MarSurf GD 140

Art. no. 6269010

Roughness and waviness
in record time
with 140 mm measuring path

MarSurf GD: The new reference measuring station for roughness and waviness measurements

The new Mahr measuring stations from the MarSurf GD series are setting new standards. 
In addition to surface roughness evaluations, profile, and waviness evaluations can also be performed.
The new MarSurf GD series is enabling production companies to achieve a new dimension to reliably ensure and improve the production quality of workpieces in the measuring room or close to the production area.

The new measuring station concept combines speed, security, and flexibility. The aim is to increase the cost-effectiveness of the system for your company.

The measuring stations are operated with the user-friendly MarWin software (MarWin EasyRoughness or MarWin ProfessionalRoughness).

MarSurf GD 140
Speedy measurements and changeover

• Very short measuring times thanks to high positioning and measuring speeds
  (up to 200 mm/s in X and 50 mm/s in Z)
• Z-axis with full CNC-capability for automated operation
• Contact and zeroing across Z-axis in Z+ and Z-
• Quickly change the probe arm without tools thanks to magnetic mount
Flexible and versatile

• Easily switch from standard to perpendicular measurement
  without a tool or adapter - even for upside down measurements
• 390 mm x 430 mm support plate
  can hold even large workpieces
• Maximum handling flexibility thanks to support plate
  with 50 mm bore dimension and plug-in guide stops
• Proven quality and wide range of probe arms
  from the BFW-250 probe system
• Extensive accessories for maximum flexibility
MarSurf GD 140 | Art. no. 6269010
Resolution Measuring range 1: 2.0 nm
Measuring range 2: 0.2 nm
Start of traversing length (in X) 0.1 mm
Measuring speed 0.02 mm/s to 10 mm/s
End of traversing length (in X) 140 mm
Positioning speed X: 0.02 mm/s to 200 mm/s
Z: 0.02 mm/s to 50 mm/s
Traversing lengths 0.1 mm to 140 mm
Guide deviation 0.20 µm / 60 mm
0.40 µm / 140 mm
Measuring force (N) 0.7 mN
Probe Roughness probe system (skidless)
Probe arm length 45 mm (x 1)
67.5 mm (x 1,5)
90 mm (x 2)
112.5 mm (x 2,5)
135 mm (x 3)
Weight (gross) 196 KG
Workpiece weight max. 90 kg
Measuring range mm 500 µm (±250 µm) for probe arm length 45 mm
1500 µm (±750 µm) for probe arm length 135 mm

Variety of applications for our products

Mechanical Engineering
Bearings, threads, threaded bars, ball screws, shafts, racks
Production metrology 
Contour measurement in a semi-automatic process
Automotive industry 
Steering, brake system, gearbox, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head  
Medical technology
Contour of hip and knee endoprosthesis, contour of medical screws, contour of dental implants
Mahr is standardizing as well!
Short measuring times
Speedy measurements and changeover
Automation possible
For laboratory and production areas
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