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Time saving thanks to efficient alignment during form testing

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Flexible and precise: The MarForm MMQ 500 form measuring machine can be used universally to measure roughness, waviness and contours. Its newly developed fully automatic centering and tilting table eliminates the need for manual adjustment. The efficient alignment of the workpiece increases productivity and thus optimizes floor-to-floor time.

MarForm MMQ 500 measures form, position, roughness, contour and lead in just one measuring sequence - and does so both for very small components of only a few millimeters in size and for larger and heavier workpieces of up to 80 kilograms. The machine features high-precision C, Z and X axes that ensure reliable repeatability even with decreasing tolerances and difficult measuring tasks. "Two aspects were a particular focus during development: shorter measuring time thanks to automated processes and the measurability of complex, close-tolerance workpieces weighing up to 80 kilograms," explains Mahr product manager Utz Wolters.

Suitable for many industries

The MarForm MMQ 500 is ideally suited for use in mechanical engineering, medical technology, aerospace, automotive and many other industries. With it, a comprehensive workpiece evaluation according to DIN ISO 1101 is easily possible. The innovative device design supports easy use: With just one hand, workers bring all components into the correct position for their measurement.

A helpful feature is the newly developed centering and tilting table with a diameter of 300 millimeters. Compared to comparable devices, this allows workpieces to be inspected to be optimally aligned in less time, which increases efficiency and productivity in every production.

The machine can be used in the measuring room as well as directly in production. With a maximum accuracy of 0.01 micrometers, it is convincing there even with low tolerances. The mechanical bearing is up to 70 times more rigid than comparable models and is therefore insensitive to external influences, which results in high measuring reliability.

More flexible and accurate than the standard

A wide range of features can be measured with the MarForm MMQ 500: cylindricity, parallelism, roundness, concentricity, roughness, waviness and contour - depending on whether drive shafts, bearings, hydraulic pistons, commutators or gears are involved. Another feature predestines the machine for automated operation. Its probe arm unit can hold up to four probe arms, enabling automatic changeover without any operator intervention.

The measuring process itself impresses with its high speed. The Z-axis allows movements of up to 100 millimeters/second and is thus more than three times as fast as conventional form measuring devices. Thanks to its clear user interface, the integrated powerful MarWin software supports a high level of user-friendliness and reliability. "The sum of its technical innovations means that the MarForm MMQ 500 offers customers even more flexibility and accuracy than comparable machines," summarizes Wolters.

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