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What degree of automation would you like?

Marketing Team

Faster testing processes, shorter set-up times and less influence by the machine operator: Automated measuring of workpieces is a trend in quality assurance. But what degree of automation would you like to have? 1, 2 or 3?

1: Manual measuring station with support with workpiece positioning.

  • Air bearing displacement and positioning slides help the operator to position heavy workpieces quickly, easily and precisely with fine adjustment.
  • The manually guided measuring station facilitates and accelerates work in quality assurance.

2: Semi-automatic measuring station with automatic positioning axes

With the high-end MarSurf LD 130, Mahr demonstrates how the roughness of toothflanks and tooth gaps can be measured more efficiently.

  • The operator manually places the gear and searches for the tooth gap using the probe as the starting point of the measurement.
  • The user then starts the measuring program belonging to this gear.
  • The program then runs automatically, minimizing user influence.

3: Fully automatic measuring station without operator influence

Fully automatic measuring stations recognize and measure workpieces

  • fully automatically
  • highly precisely
  • quickly
  • highly productively

It is also possible to have an automatic change of probe arms as well as workpiece loading and unloading by robot.

Mahr offers you every desired degree of automation
as a standard measuring station or an individual customer solution.

Your advantage through automation
Realiable workpiece measuring and increase in efficiency while simultaneously optimizing process costs.

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