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Quality assurance with flexible multi-talent MarSurf M 310

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The new MarSurf M 310 roughness measuring device records and evaluates measurement data and is flexible, mobile and easy to operate. Thanks to its compact and robust design, the Mahr innovation is also suitable for use in challenging production environments.

Accessing important data at any time and from anywhere is something we are used to thanks to our smartphones. This is exactly what the new MarSurf M 310 offers for roughness measurement. The mobile device flexibly records and evaluates the desired measurement data. Whether in incoming goods, in production or outdoors - the new MarSurf M 310 can be used almost anywhere, checking the surface roughness of shafts, housing parts, very large as well as ground and honed workpieces, among other things. "Due to its robust skid probe system, it is relatively insensitive to vibrations. In addition, the PHT probe is easy to clean thanks to its open skid," says Mahr product manager Martin Adler, citing further advantages.

Measurements in any position

Its compact design makes the MarSurf M 310 the ideal companion for mobile measurement tasks. Whether horizontal, vertical or upside down - handling is simple and independent of mains power. The removable feed unit of the MarSurf M 310 allows flexible measurements to be carried out even in the tightest of spaces. A further added value is provided by the associated hand prism, which significantly expands the field of application: in addition to flexible probe positioning without the need for a cost-intensive measuring stand, it also makes it possible to easily measure small parts as well as end faces upside down.

Intuitive operation - immediate measuring success

A large, high-resolution, backlit 4.3 inch TFT display characterizes the modern appearance of the tool and ensures that all measurement results are displayed precisely. It is operated intuitively via the touch-capable screen - just like the smartphones we are used to today. "Another benefit is that users can reliably determine roughness parameters with the MarSurf M 310 even without specialist knowledge or training. The simple and intuitive software, with its clear menu structures and the wide range of pre-programmed measurement functions, ensures immediate measurement success," emphasizes Adler. To enable users to see the device status at a glance, the MarSurf M 310 is equipped with two clearly visible status LEDs. Depending on the signal color, it is clear that a measurement is running, data is being transferred or there may be an error.

Data format and interface diversity

To save measurement data, the MarSurf M 310 has a variety of formats and interfaces available: users can choose between complete measurement logs in PDF format or individual measurement values as CSV files. "Data transfer is wireless via Bluetooth, wired via USB, Micro-USB or the proven duplex interface MarConnect. The latter also allows a measuring device ID to be transferred to ensure the traceability of the measurement results," Adler continues. And if a printout should ever be necessary, the MarSurf M 310 can be supplemented with a mobile printer to save the work results directly on thermal paper.

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