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New internal probes with DLC coating

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The new Marameter internal probe with DLC coating

The new Marameter 844 KC internal probes score with their unique DLC coating (diamond-like carbon). It makes the probes particularly resistant and thus ensures a very high long-term accuracy.

Unique, durable & efficient
Durable and safe: The new styli from the 844 K family impress with an innovative special coating. The very smooth stylus surface and the resulting particularly low coefficient of friction prevent streaking or wear in finely machined and sensitive bore surfaces. This prevents rejects or B-goods.

    Detect wear at an early stage
    The dark DLC coating allows you to detect at an early stage whether the measuring surface of the probe is worn, because unlike conventional probes, a worn measuring surface is made visible by a bright spot on the probing point. This visual indicator shows you at a glance whether your measuring device is fit for use. In this way, you always ensure exact and precise measurement results.


    • Innovative and unique DLC coating (diamond-like carbon)
    • Process reliability due to visual wear indicator: Probe wear can be visually detected immediately.
    • Prevention of striping on sensitive surfaces, no rejects or B-goods
    • Reduced acquisition costs due to uniquely long stylus service life

    The Marameter 844 K family
    The internal measuring probes of the Marameter 844 K family are an integral part of the Marameter 844 K bore measuring system. Thanks to conscientious revision of the probe families, the proven measuring system has been upgraded once again. From now on, only carbide drive needles ensure maximum linearity accuracy.

    Probes included in the modular system:
    • K: Internal probe made of hardened steel, measuring surfaces hard-chrome plated, for general applications.
    • KC: Internal probe made of hardened steel, measuring surfaces and inner edges DLC-coated. With increased wear protection and low friction, application in sensitive or abrasive surfaces.
    • KS: Internal measuring probes made of hardened steel, measuring surfaces hard-chrome plated, for measurements close to the bottom of the bore.
    The practical Marameter construction kit

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