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MarCator Digital Indicators – Practical Tips

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With the MarCator Digital Indicators, you are prepared for all measuring tasks: thanks to the integrated Reference system, the gages are ready for immediate use – once the zero position has been set, it remains secure for all further measurements. Many practical functions offer further advantages in everyday working life and the simple and intuitive handling of the digital indicators contributes to your quality assurance becoming significantly more reliable. Here are some practical tips:

Dynamic measuring functions
Many measurement tasks, such as straightness and concentricity tests, require recording and possibly documentation of a minimum, maximum or difference value. These functions are easy to set for MarCator digital gages.

  • MIN: acquire a minimum value
  • MAX: acquire a maximum value
  • TIR: acquire a difference value (MAX-MIN)


Measuring with comparison measuring devices (reversal point search)
The comparison measurement by reversal point search can also easily be accelerated and simplified. For example, with the models MarCator 1087 BR and 1087 BRi, which offer ideal functionalities:

• Assignment of a PRESET value to a previously dynamically determined MIN or MAX reversal point. Your advantage: The absolute measured value display can be easily adjusted.

• Excellent measured value update of 64 measured values per second, for repeatable measurement results with fast measuring movements.

Operator-friendly: practical additional functions
The many additional functions of the MarCator digital indicators significantly increase measuring comfort in production. Examples of practical additional functions:

  • PRESET: Correction value input for absolute measured value display
  • TOL: Entry of upper and lower tolerance limits - visual "good / reject" display
  • Factor: factor (multiplier) individually adjustable, for indirect measurements e.g. factor 2.0 for measuring the radius / Ø display
  • RES: Adjustable numerical increment value for selecting the ideal matching measured value resolution for workpiece tolerance

Data output for the transmission of measured values to a PC
For the professional documentation of measured values, the integrated wireless system offers you the optimum solution for transferring the measured values to the PC. Choose two options for data transfer:

  • Connection by data cable (USB, RS232 or Digimatic)
  • Connection by integrated radio interface “Integrated Wireless” and i-Stick receiver

Our recommendation: For simple documentation, Mahr provides the free Mahr software MarCom Professional.

More information on the MarCator digital indicators can be found here...


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