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Mahr presents automated measuring solution at the Hanover Fair

Marketing Team

The automation of measurements is becoming increasingly important in industrial production – for example to increase speed and reliability in quality assurance. Mahr therefore presented an automated measurement with robot support at the Hanover Fair in cooperation with the robot manufacturer Yaskawa Europe.

Yaskawa and Mahr presented a measuring solution on the MarShaft Scope 750 plus measuring machine from Mahr – a fully automatic optical shaft measuring system for testing rotationally symmetrical workpieces. The interaction between the MOTOMAN HC10 robot from Yaskawa and the measuring machine shows the production of the future in industry 4.0:

  • The robot arm places components or workpieces completely independently in production and measuring machines.
  • The measurement is also fully automated.
  • The robot arm removes the test specimens from the measuring machine.
  • Even the transport between the different stations takes place automatically with a driverless transport system.

This measuring solution is designed to ensure that the measuring machine is positioned directly next to the production machine or production line and inspects workpieces during production.  

Advantages for the user
•    Measurement reliability: Reproducible measurement accuracy and measurement sequences
•    Increasing the speed of quality assurance
•    Measurement sequences and loading by robot are fully automatic - free from operator influences
•    Low personnel input, as the measurement runs automatically
•    Operation also 24 hours in 3-shift operation
•    Optimization of process costs

MarShaft SCOPE plus: fully automatic shaft testing
Die Kooperation mit Yaskawa Europe verkörpert den Anspruch von Mahr, weltweit führend im Bereich automatisierter Messtechnik zu sein.

The MarShaft SCOPE plus measuring station is designed for automated measurements of shafts or turned parts in rough workshop operation. The optical measuring system has a high-precision roundness measuring axis (C), a vertical measuring axis (Z) and a horizontal measuring axis (X). A tactile measuring system with inductive probe is available as an option, e.g. to measure radial and axial run-out – tactile and optical measuring tasks can be combined. The software MarWin EasyShaft allows a maximum of flexibility.

The cooperation with Yaskawa Europe embodies Mahr's claim to be the world leader in automated measurement technology.

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