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Cleverly combined: Gear measuring stations now also measure roughness

Marketing Team

At Control 2018, Mahr unveiled a new probe arm unit for the proven gear measuring systems of the MarGear GMX series. This expansion makes the devices fit for the standardized measurement of roughness.

The measuring systems of the MarGear GMX series from Mahr are proven gear measuring stations for high-precision and fully automatic testing of gears and complete gear shafts up to an outer diameter of 600 mm. A new probe arm unit enables existing measuring stations to be quickly and cost-efficiently qualified for additional measuring tasks.

For surface measurements on the MarGear GMX units, inductive probes from the well-proven MarSurf range are used. They allow for standard-compliant measurement of roughness from Rz 1 μm. The evaluation of the surface parameters– for example according to ISO 42878 and ISO 13565-2 – take place with the software tool MarWin “Roughness”.

The successful combination of gear and surface measurement in just one clamping enables companies to reduce their measuring times and, in addition, lower maintenance and investment costs.

New MarWin functionalities available

The proven MarWin software has also been extended with new functions in the area of MarGear: In Version 11, among other things, evaluations and tolerance tables according to AGMA 2000-A88, DIN 5480, GOST, ANSI B92.1 and CAT 1E2028 / CAT 1E4157 are possible.

In addition, the new software version allows topographies to be measured and evaluated, well-defined feed marks to be determined, and tooth length to be determined using k-teeth (Wpk). A new and very fast method for pitch completes the functions of MarWin for MarGear.

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