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Flexible measurement of commutator shaft in production

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For the rapid and precise measurement of the commutator shaft directly in production, Mahr offers the tried and tested measuring station MarSolution RPM. A new version now enables even more flexible measurement – ideal for companies producing different types of commutators.

To secure and increase the quality of commutator shafts, the length and form parameters must constantly be checked. With the new measuring station MarSolution RPM, the decisive characteristic values can now be determined directly in the harsh production environment - with the best accuracy and high repeatability.

New: now even more flexibility
The new version of the MarSolution RPM measuring station offers even more flexibility, especially to manufacturing companies who test different types of commutators:

  • Infinitely variable or universal settings of the prisms – instead of existing fixed positions according to customer requirements
  • Different scales to help accurately position the prisms

Thanks to the various measuring scales on the measuring station, manufacturing companies can write work instructions or process descriptions in which the precise position of the prisms is defined for each commutator type.

Reliable detection of all typical parameters
Production-induced geometric errors in the commutator shaft can produce unwanted noise and vibrations in the electric motor. In addition, these manufacturing errors significantly influence the life expectancy of the electric motor due to premature and faster wear. For this reason, it is extremely important to check in the individual production steps whether the tight tolerances in the processing machine are reliably maintained. This is the only way to prevent unwanted rejects effectively!

Software MarSolution D1200X
Together with the MarSolution D1200X software with integrated interface, the newly designed measuring station MarSolution RPM, measures the typical characteristic values easily and quickly at all relevant measuring locations:

  • BTB: Bar To Bar
  • TIR: Total indicated run-out
  • DTB: Delta To Bar
  • DIA: Collector diameter
  • DMB: Delta Max Bar
  • DBR: Straighten-up Delta Bar
  • EFL: Local form default
  • DCL: Delta Centre of segment
  • STS: Segment To Segment (step)

Easy handling for an efficient measurement
The measuring station is operated directly in production. Here the worker can check the workpieces for their quality very quickly and yet completely reliably. For workpieces of varying length or dimension, the measuring system is adapted with little effort. The v-shaped bracket in which the shaft is placed and the stop at the end are easily yet precisely set for each workpiece. Thus commutator shafts with a length of 130 to 300 mm and a diameter of 4 to 20 mm can be tested.

Measuring time: 3 seconds
Dynamic measurement is possible, for example, since a rubber band turns the small commutator shaft and the fixed incremental probes thus reach the measurement locations. The special housing of the electric motor and the surface treatment of the V-shaped holders reduce vibrations and abrasion. The measuring station allows a speed of 3 to 20 revolutions per minute, and thus a measurement time of 3 seconds! Rotation is possible in two directions.

Analysis of measuring values
The MarSolution D1200X enables the optimal use of the measuring device. A user-friendly interface allows for easy creation of measurement programs and forms. Via an interface, the software opens specific functions for the measurement of the commutator shaft. The operators use the predefined parameters in order to analyze the measured values obtained. Thanks to the graphics and tables, the data can be easily interpreted - and the production can be optimized. The results can be displayed as a bar graph, polar representation, XY graph, measured values, averages, etc. The measurement data can be exported in the QDAS formats, ASCII and Excel.

Additional possible applications: Precision shafts
The measuring station MarSolution RPM is a very simple solution for the dynamic measurement of precision shafts for different applications – for example the turbine shaft of a turbocharger. The parameters that can be used are, for example:

  • Diameter
  • Runout
  • Roundness

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