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Extremely fast measurement on gears

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The complete measurement of gear shafts in just one setup – this is now possible with the MarShaft SCOPE 600 plus 3D. Mahr has extended the tried-and-tested system, enabling the tactile measurement of straight and helical cylindrical gears.

The shaft measuring station MarShaft SCOPE 600 plus 3D combines optical and tactile measuring methods in one system. Typical characteristics such as concentricity, diameter, length or radii are visually measured by the shaft measuring system. The 2D button also captures characteristics that are not measurable with the camera.

As of July, Mahr will supply the MarShaft SCOPE 600 plus 3D with new hardware and software, which will allow the well-proven shaft measuring machine to measure all common gear parameters on cylindrical gears. The evaluation and documentation of the gear measurements takes place with the MarWin software option “Quick & Easy MarGear”

Automated measurements for production-related use

The MarShaft SCOPE 600 plus 3D works automatically and is specially designed for production-related use. Manufacturers quickly receive information about the manufacturing quality of their products from the measuring station.

Find out more about the MarShaft SCOPE 600 plus 3D on our website.

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