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Acylinders in the grinding process

Marketing Team

The production of acylinders is not possible without suitable measuring technology. In the processing steps from pre-grinding to fine grinding, tactile contour metrology is particularly well suited for determining the deviation from the nominal shape. In addition, closed-loop enables efficient and error-free data transmission between the measuring and processing machines.


MarSurf LD Aspheric enables these measurements to be performed quickly and highly precisely.

The acylinder is moved between the profile measurements in the Y direction, perpendicular to the measuring direction, via a motorized table.

The differential profile is transferred to the processing machine for correction.

With the early detection of deviations, an efficient post-processing of the surface is made possible and rejected parts are avoided.

  • Automatic measuring sequences
  • Large measuring range
  • Probe arm with integrated chip for automatic recognition
  • Highest measuring speed and dynamic (up to 10 mm/s on large lenses / up to 0.02 mm/s on microlenses)
  • Probe tip can be freely positioned

are examples of the high performance scope and flexibility of the MarSurf LD Aspheric contour measuring station.

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