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Active participation in OPC UA

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In the context of Industry 4.0, i.e. the comprehensive digitization of industrial production, the "Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture" standard (OPC UA for short) is essential for data transmission.

This standard enables the exchange of information and control of machines across platforms. This can be done via an internal company network or via the Internet. OPC UA only specifies the basics of the transmission. So-called Companion Specifications (CS) define more precise descriptions for specific industry sectors.

New specification presented at Control

Mahr has actively participated in the Companion Specification "Unified Architecture for Geometrical Measuring Systems". This will be published later this year as an official OPC UA standard under the number OPC 40210. Together with seven other metrology manufacturers and the umati networkMahr presented this standard for the first time at Control in early May 2022. It expands the more general specification OPC 40501 ("UA for Machine Tools") to include, among other things, the possibility of transmitting measurement results and calibration information.

Demo with live data

For better illustration at the show, the umati network presented a dashboard* app that can display data transmitted via OPC UA online. "Mahr's Industrial Digital Services team developed an interactive demonstration within two months to be able to transmit live data to the dashboard," reported project manager Timo Dreyer. Data from a Mar4D PLQ and a MarCal 16 EWRi caliper were transferred as demo scenarios. Visitors were able to perform their own measurements, the results of which could be viewed online in the dashboard shortly afterwards. Incidentally, Mahr was the first manufacturer to demonstrate the connection of a handheld measuring device.

* In IT, "dashboard "refers to graphical user interfaces that visualize data or manage systems.

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