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Software with memory function

Marketing Team

Create and evaluate customer-specific measurement tasks directly in production: The proven software MarWin Millimar Cockpit from Mahr simplifies and accelerates quality assurance in manufacturing plants. Now the measured data can be processed even more effectively: the software update Millimar Cockpit 11 now also provides a “history” function.

Even easier, even more meaningful measurement data

The functions of our software solution MarWin Millimar Cockpit have been inspiring our customers since their introduction less than a year ago: managing and linking measurement tasks with images or drawings as well as live visualization and dynamic recording of the measured values are only a part of it. In order for our customers to be satisfied at all times, our employees are constantly working to not only develop something new, but also to make existing things even better.

“History” memory function

Due to customer and market requirements, we have developed the software option "History" for Millimar Cockpit Software 11 as a new, additional function. This has pre-installed basic statistical evaluations (with key figures such as date, time, nominal value, actual value, MIN / MAX value, mean, span and standard deviation), so that the measured and master values that have already been measured and subsequently reviewed to export. In this way, all measurement data not only remain, but are also directly comparable and traceable.

The most important functions at a glance:

  • Management of the measuring tasks (storage and charging function)
  • Static and dynamic data acquisition (up to 128 features at the same time)
  • Connection of Millimar N 1700 modules in conjunction with inductive probes and Mahr measuring probes with data interface and Mahr measuring devices with integrated wireless
  • Password protected user levels
  • History feature



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