Engineered Solutions | Fully automated MarSurf Engineered measuring stations

Engineered Solutions MarSurf Engineered Serie 1200

Nr art. 9901200_MES

This measuring station uses five positioning axes to move the workpiece, thus enabling a fully automatic measurement. The use of a universal clamping plate with fast clamping system ensures that different workpieces holders can be clamped in for different components in a reproducible manner (asymmetrical arrangement of the alignment pins).
Different measuring tasks can thus be completed on one measuring machine.

Engineered Solutions MarSurf Engineered Serie 1200

Fully automated measuring station with lots of options

The position of the workpiece for the measurement is achieved with two linear axes and three rotational axes. During the fully automated measuring sequence, the workpiece is automatically positioned in the various necessary spatial positions, so that difficult to reach measuring points are also approached safely and in a reproducible manner.

This concept is particularly suitable for small workpieces weighing up to approx. 5 kg and with a volume of up to approx. 2 liters (including workpiece holders), e.g. nozzle bodies or valve needles.

Minimal input from personnel

Working with the automatic probe arm changer, up to ten probe arms can be automatically switched in by the selected measuring program increasing the level of automation and thus the level of efficiency. A fully automated, convenient measuring routine without any further intervention by the operator is therefore possible.

Engineered Solutions MarSurf Engineered Serie 1200 | Art.-Nr. 9901200_MES
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Wide range of workpieces
A variety of different components can be measured with one measuring station using the five positioning axes and a quick change system for the workpiece holders.
Automated processes
A high degree of automation can be achieved with the automatic probe arm changer with up to ten probe arms and the special operating software.
Low factory bond
Minimal operator involvement on the measuring machine due to CNC-controlled axes and well-designed software.
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