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Mahr Metrology Talk stands for know-how and expertise from the world of metrology. Get to know more about exciting topics nowwe hope you enjoy it!

Metrology Talk | Episode 1

Mobile measurement of roughness: A conversation with product manager Martin Adler about possible applications, avoiding errors and the opportunities for automation.

Metrology Talk | Episode 2

What to do when a standard measurement solution is not enough? A conversation with our expert for customized gaging solutions, Axel Binder.

Metrology Talk | Episode 3

Measuring surfaces with optical sensors: Which technology for which application? An expert talk with 3D specialist Marc Ujma.

Metrology Talk | Episode 4

Dr. Christoph Blum from Mahr Academy talks about professional training opportunities, the partnership with AUKOM e. V. and the relevance of online and offline training options.

Metrology Talk | Episode 5

Axel Burscheid, Director Global Service, talks about Mahr's service offering and the importance for customers to benefit from Mahr's global customer care.

Metrology Talk | Episode 6

Roughness measurement on gear tooth flanks: A conversation with Axel Binder, Head of Engineered Solutions, about today's requirements and challenges.

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