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Start measuring program automatically by code

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MarWin: Processing of graphical codes

In order to make processes simpler and safer, measurements in manufacturing companies are increasingly automated. With the MarWin software platform, Mahr offers ideal the measurement and evaluation software for this purpose. If desired, it can also process graphical codes that, together with the measurement data, take over important control functions in production.

With MarWin measuring stations, measuring programs can be started easily and conveniently by reading a data matrix code (DMC). The information contained in the code can be used for logging or data export. The big advantage is that errors in entering logging and export data are virtually eliminated. This is because operators only need to scan the data of the component to be inspected.

The data can also be read using an RFID scanner. The RFID scanner receives the signals sent by the RFID transponder. Other graphic code formats such as bar code, QR code can also be read.

The automatic reading of data relieves operators because they no longer have to check themselves where and which information has to be entered, which is the right measuring program for a component or which features have to be inspected at all. These questions and decisions are completely taken away from the operator. Inspection processes are thus faster, more reliable and more economical. The read-in data starts the assigned measuring program. It couldn't be simpler or more convenient! Before starting, however, the graphical code must be programmed with MarWin.

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Further information and detailed instructions on how to start the measurement program easily via code can be found in the downloadable PDF. Please use our contact form to get in touch with our measurement experts.

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