Mar4D | Dimensional Metrology

Cylinder coordinate measuring machines with multisensor technology

Mar4D | Dimensional Metrology

Product line Mar4D for production and measuring room

Solving different measuring tasks as quickly as possible, close to production and combined
in one system – that‘s how the Mar4D PLQ product series excels. Experience outstanding features combined with extreme flexibility in workpiece size and significantly increase your productivity in the manufacturing environment!


Benefit from

  • up to four CNC axes

  • optical and optional tactile sensors

  • sophisticated monitoring systems

and acquire 3D measured values reliably and precisely with the machines of the Mar4D product line.

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Innovative dimensional metrology

With the machines of the Mar4D product line, you can measure your rotationally symmetrical workpieces in production and the measuring room. Numerous innovations and a wide range of advantages will convince you:

Flexibility and productivity

Workpieces up to Ø 200 mm, 1000 mm in length, 50 kg weight

State-of-the-art multisensor technology: Optical and tactile measurement in one setup

Simple operation

Motorized tailstock with clamping force monitoring

Proven MarWin platform software with intuitive user interface

Robust in operation

Integrated vibration isolation

Temperature compensation in real time


Ergonomics and safety

Fast loading thanks to light guard

Interior monitoring for protection of the machine


The new Mar4D PLQ: Designed for your highest demands

With the Mar4D PLQ, we are pursuing a completely new concept that combines the best of different worlds of production metrology. Flexibility, productivity, process reliability and ergonomics are the focus here. In the future, you will be able to select from different machine variants to have the one that optimally fits your individual measuring requirements.

Motorized tailstock with clamping force monitoring for fast alignment without operator influence

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Universal use in measuring room and production thanks to multi-sensor technology

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Reliable and proven MarWin platform software: learn once, operate always

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Ergonomic machine design for most comfortable and safe operation

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Process reliability through monitoring systems: real-time detection of the environment and compensation of influences, e.g. by temperature, vibration, position

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