Digimar 817 CLT | Height Metrology

Highly precise and intuitive: the new Digimar 817 CLT

Digimar 817 CLT | Height Metrology

With precision to perfection

Touch operation, ergonomic handling and a wide range of evaluation options: This is what the new Digimar 817 CLT height measuring device stands for, available to you in three measuring ranges: 350 mm, 600 mm and 1,000 mm. Multiple logging and data transfer options make it easy for you to process measurement data.


  • Intuitive and fluid operation via touch display – without major training expenditure
  • Tiltable and swiveling display for relaxed operation
  • Air bearing system and handles on both sides for easy, jerk-free shifting
  • Function keys and a dynamic thumbwheel speed up and simplify handling
  • Powerful rechargeable battery for self-sufficient operation – for up to two shifts

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Convenient height measurement with intuitive touch operation

Experience the new Digimar 817 CLT height gage in action: The video shows you its many functions and application examples. These include, for example, the quick measurement function keys and the thumbwheel, which can be used to conveniently position the measuring carriage. Also in video focus is the swiveling, flexible 10-inch display, which can be moved to any angle and direction to always be at eye level with the user.

Ergonomics that can be measured

Individualized measurement start

Select between touch display, thumbwheel with arrow keys & quick mode

Measure at eye level

Work while sitting or standing: The touch display is always at eye level!

Drag & Drop

Drag & drop and stored ISO tolerance tables simplify the creation of measuring programs.

Left- and right-handed

Two integrated pushbuttons allow safe guidance of the height gage

Easy measuring by touch

The new Digimar 817 CLT can be operated intuitively via large, clearly arranged keys. This ensures that measurements, setting and calculation functions can be carried out reliably at all times, as well as the creation of measurement programs using drag & drop.

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Digimar 817 CLT
Automated measurement processes

Easily created via drag & drop or teach-in

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Best overview

Clearly structured display

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Automated measurement processes

Automatic squareness and straightness measurement (with accessories)

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International use

Available in 12 languages

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Wide range

Extensive measurement and calculation functions

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Extensive evaluations

Advanced 2D functions in display and calculation

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Best connections for secure data

The Digimar 817 CLT provides a variety of interfaces for saving your measurement data. Data transfer is possible wirelessly as well as cabled via the proven duplex interface MarConnect. The latter also allows the transmission of a measuring device ID to ensure the traceability of your measurement results.

For your measurement protocols, you can easily choose between complete measurement protocols in PDF format, sending individual measurement values to the PC, Bluetooth printer or saving as TXT file.

Valuable supplements for every measurement task

The accessory components of a measuring device can significantly expand your scope of action, because they offer additional or more precise measurement options for your device. From the printer set to the USB adapter and from the test plate to the base frame, Mahr has additional components ready for you that make measuring easy – complete accessory sets included. But also carriers and holders for measuring inserts, ball measuring inserts, accessories for squareness measurement and much more are part of the extensive repertoire that Mahr provides you with for measuring. Let your metrology expert advise you!


Solve measuring tasks quickly and elegantly: This is ensured by the extensive range of carriers and holders, which can be combined with numerous measuring inserts. For further information, please refer to the PDF.


Ball gaging styli are used particularly frequently, as they can be used to solve almost all standard measuring tasks. Mahr offers styli in many lengths and with different ball diameters – and thus also guarantees the right solution for your measuring task. For further information, please refer to the PDF.


When it comes to measuring recess and groove diameters, disk measuring inserts are the measuring equipment of choice. Cylindrical measuring inserts, on the other hand, are used primarily for measuring tapers in conjunction with the 817 h5 holder or for measuring features with a small contact surface. For further information, please refer to the PDF.


Taper measuring inserts help you to determine bore centers quickly and easily, especially when thin-walled workpieces such as sheet metal are involved. For further information, please refer to the PDF.


Automatically measure and document the perpendicularity and straightness of workpieces: This can be easily done with comparators from Mahr, which can be connected to the Digimar 817 CLT. For further information, please refer to the PDF.


The determination of groove distances, offsets or the depth of blind holes are among your measuring tasks? Then the depth gages from Mahr are exactly the right tool for you. For further information, please refer to the PDF.


From the printer set to the USB adapter and from the test plate to the base frame, Mahr has additional accessories ready for you that make measuring easy. For further information, please refer to the PDF.


Various accessory sets are available for your individual measuring tasks. For further information please refer to the PDF.


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