MarSurf | White light interferometer

Highest precision for extremely smooth surfaces

MarSurf | White light interferometer

Minimal roughness down to the nanometer

In medical engineering, semiconductor, optical and other branches of industry, extremely smooth surfaces with specific properties are required more and more frequently. This is where the new Mahr White Light Interferometer steps in.

  • ICA technology  An algorithm specifically designed to ensure the best correlation

  • Optimal signal-to-noise ratio  Minimal noise of only 80 picometers

  • Manual to automated  Three devices for a broad range of applications

  • Large positioning volume  Flexible measurement of bulky or clamped components

ICA Technology

The new ICA technology, combines the good features of previous methods such as PSI and VSI in a single, large application area. The innovative algorithm determines the statistical correlogram of the surface and uses this for evaluating the measured data.

  • Use of phase information and amplitude
  • No averaging of the measurement data
  • Maximum stability and high accuracy

Minimal noise of only 80 picometers

ICA enables the exact determination while minimizing noise at the same time, thus ensuring very high data quality. Due to this high signal-to-noise ratio, the Mahr technology reaches the quality level of a PSI with only 80 picometers (STR/Surface Topography Repeatability), but performs with a better stability and higher reliability.

Whether manual or automated

The MarSurf WI series portfolio comprises three devices with specific benefits for customers.

  • WI 50 M: manual all-round entry-level solution for demanding measurement tasks
  • WI 50: high-precision measuring tool for research and quality assurance
  • WI 100: serial measurements without user influence and broadest flexibility

Large positioning volume

Both the MarSurf WI 50M and the WI 100 devices have an extended working range in XY and, more importantly, the Z direction for large sample volumes. Example WI 100: Simply move the additional manual Z axis upwards using the adjustment on the side to measure XXL components.

The motorized high-end device MarSurf WI 100 is characterized by an extended working range in the XYZ direction - simply use the lateral adjustment to move the the additional manual Z axis. This means that components can be measured easily while staying clamped in their specific mount.


Intuitive user software

Measure, display, evaluate: With the comprehensive software solutions from Mahr, this can be done intuitively and effectively. One software for interferometers, confocal microscopes and profilometers. Further advantages:

  • Fast and reliable measurements thanks to intuitive operation
  • Clear and flexible visualization of results
  • Automation options for efficient series measurements

MarSurf 3D software has been in use and established for many years. Popular features for easy measurement are:

  • Snapshot technology to acquire measurements with just a few clicks
  • Pre-scan function for quick selection of the measurement area
  • Auto-intensity and Auto-Range for optimum usability
  • Template function for repetitive measurements
  • Multi-spot tool to perform multiple measurements automatically
Comprehensive display of results and easy documentation for roughness, waviness and much more:
  • High-quality 3D display for a quick overview
  • 2D and 3D analysis according to common standards (ISO 4287, 25178, 13565 ...)
  • Geometry, volume, contour, CAD comparison
  • Simple documentation with on-the-fly or subsequent analysis option in the report


Automate measurements and evaluations with MarSurf Automation Software

  • User-independent serial measurements
  • Industrial suitability
  • Different measurement tasks and evaluations programmable per sample in a single measurement recipe
  • Protocol generation, SPC control, QS-Stat output

One philosophy

No matter which Mahr measuring system you choose: You probably already know the software that goes with it. For all systems in the MarSurf 3D series, Mahr relies on the same clearly structured software design that has proven itself in practice many times over.

MarSurf WI | Presentation

Focus on the new interferometers

Listen to the interview on the left for a brief and concise explanation of the main advantages of the new interferometers. The individual products and further information as well as videos can be found in our showroom.

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The application

The performance of components is determined increasingly by their surface properties. This is valid for shape deviations and roughness as well as waviness or geometric features. Our systems are used in the following industries: optics, medical technology, semiconductor industry, surface technology, material science, microsystems technology and many more.

Particle analysis

Detection and classification of particles, grains, furrows, textures, hills and valleys

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Distance measurements

Extensive horizontal distance measurements (x;y), angular positions and inclinations

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2D roughness (Rz)

Profile roughness according to ISO 4287, ISO 13565, ASME B46.1, ISO 12085, VDA, SEP or MBN standards

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Volume (V)

Volume calculations of troughs, hills, valleys, peaks and particles

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Shape deviation of planar contours, nominal/actual comparison against CAD data, roundness evaluation according to ISO 12181

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3D roughness

Surface roughness evaluations according to ISO 25178

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Determination of the flatness of a total or partial surface e.g. according to ISO 12781

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Detection and analysis of defects, surface imperfections and damage

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Distance measurements (z), determination of maximum and average heights and position differences

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Visual observation

Live views or photosimulated representations in the evaluations as well as 3D views

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Contour analysis

Determination of radii, circles, circle sections as well as angle determination incl. evaluation of half or total angles

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Profile deviations

Line deviations from a nominal contour and straightness parameters according to ISO 12780

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Direct layer thickness determination for transparent surfaces, for opaque surfaces the layer thickness is determined via a step height analysis

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Area (A)

Calculation of surface areas for peaks and troughs and determination of maximum elevations/depressions

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The new Mahr white light interferometers

The MarSurf WI 50 M is the manual entry-level solution for the new Mahr white light interferometry. The control is integrated in the stand, and the functional tilting stage and the manual x, y and z axes make adjustment and focusing easy for users. Further benefits are the compact design and large installation space, as well as an interesting price/performance ratio.


Our professional solutions for measuring in the nanometer range, the MarSurf WI 50 and WI 100, acquire 3D measurement data quickly and in just a few steps. Their HD stitching function ensures a consistently high resolution even for large measurement areas. The integrated collision detection provides safety in all directions - for the workpiece as well as for the device itself. The high-end MarSurf WI 100 can be equipped with an automation software for recurring measuring tasks.

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