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MarSurf UD 130

Art. no. 6720823

The perfect first step into
high-precision measurement
with 130 mm tracing path

The MarSurf UD 130 closes the gap between the high-end solution MarSurf LD 130 / LD 260 and the new standard combination measuring station MarSurf VD 140 / 280 with two drive units.
The technical specification of the MarSurf UD 130 is based on the high-quality interferometric probe system and the fast measuring and positioning speeds that have reduced the measuring times for each workpiece.

MarSurf UD 130
• Roughness and contour in one step
• High measuring and positioning speed
  minimizes measuring times dramatically

• Innovative probe system solution
• Quick and reliable replacement of the probe arms
  with simultaneous probe arm detection by
  magnetic fixture
MarSurf UD 130 | Malzeme no. 6720823
Çözünürlük 2 nm
Prob kolu uzunluğu 100 mm; 150 mm; 200 mm
Kılavuz sapması 0.12 μm / 60 mm
0.40 μm / 130 mm
Ölçüm hızı 0.1 mm/s to 5 mm/s
Hareket uzunluğunun sonu (X'te) 130 mm
Konumlandırma hızı 0.1 mm/s to 30 mm/s
Prob Combined roughness and contour probe system
Ölçüm aralığı mm

10 mm (100 mm probe arm)
20 mm (200 mm probe arm)

Hareket uzunlukları 0.1 mm to 130 mm
Ölçüm kuvveti (N) 1 mN to 30 mN, software-adjustable
Geniş iş parçası yelpazesi
Measurement of very small  through to very large workpieces possible
Kombine ölçüm yöntemleri
Large measuring area and very high resolution enables roughness and contour measurement in one step
Kısa ölçüm süreleri
High measuring and positioning speed minimizes measuring times dramatically
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