Contour measurement

Contour measurement: unprecedented precision and speed

Optical contour measuring instruments

Reliable measuring stations for contour measurement

The measuring stations set new standards in contour inspections. Shorter measuring times, flexible applications and easy handling significantly improve the performance of your quality assurance.

They combine contour and roughness measurement in one system. Optimal for all those who want to cover a wide range of measuring tasks with one system to reduce acquisition costs to a minimum.
Optical technologies are particularly suitable for determining these even on very rough surfaces. The measurement of the geometry takes place quickly and easily.
Правильное, воспроизводимое измерение
Your measuring data is recorded reliably, can be replicated, and guarantees the highest quality of raw data and profile accuracy.
Автоматизированные процессы
Fully automated, database-based pallet measurements with automated measuring and evaluation sequence (user-dependent one click solution).
Большой диапазон измерений
Flexibility in every direction.

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The brochure "Optical Metrology for Surface Analysis" from Mahr informs you on 92 pages about application areas, measuring technologies and software solutions and goes into dedicated detail about the portfolio.

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