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MarOpto FI 1100 Z

Art. no. 2811123

Powerful Fizeau interferometers.
Minimal measurement uncertainty with exceptional flexibility and versatility
Contactless form and shaft front measurement

MarOpto FI 1100 Z
The MarOpto FI 1100 Z is a powerful and compact interferometer with 100 mm aperture that can provide contactless measurements on flats and spherical surfaces and of wavefronts.
Measurements can be performed by means of simple interference fringe detection, IntelliPhase static spatial carrier analysis, or standard phase discs. The MarOpto FI 1100 Z offers the flexibility and excellent performance that today's industrial applications demand. The radius of curvature and wavefronts can be measured in addition to surface testing optical components.
Small size allows easy integration into OEM systems. Accurate measurements can thus be achieved at an attractive price-performance ratio. The interferometers can be used in a horizontal and vertical orientation.

Variety of applications for our products

  • Measurement of flat, concave or convex surfaces
  • Prism, corner cube, wedge angle and homogeneity measurements
  • Measurement of machined, ceramic, and wafer surfaces
  • Wavefront analysis of optical systems & components
  • Integration into OEM systems
Precise measurements
Highly accurate transmission spheres enable accurate measurements.
Program processes individually
The IntelliWave software provides numerous automation options and wizards for typical tasks.
Combined measurement methods
Three modes of interferogram analysis are available: Phase shifter, IntelliPhase – static spatial carrier analysis, and evaluation of the interference fringe detection.
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