MarSurf | Roughness measuring station

MarSurf XR 1

Art. no. 6910070

Easily measure roughness and waviness

The ideal instrument for a low-cost introduction to user-friendly surface metrology.
The PC-based instrument delivers all common thread parameters and profiles in accordance with international standards, both in the measuring room and in production.
MarSurf XR 1 from Mahr stands for the future-oriented roughness system.

MarSurf XR 1
MarSurf XR 1
• Over 80 surface parameters for R-, P- and W-profiles as per
  current standard ISO/JIS or MOTIF (ISO12085)
• Bandpass filter Ls in accordance with current standard;
  Ls can also be switched off or varied as required
• Comprehensive measuring records
• Quick&Easy measuring programs can be
  created quickly using teach-in methods
• Automatic function for choosing
  cutoff and traversing length
• Support for various calibration methods
  (static and dynamic) by specifying the
 Ra or Rz parameter
• Adjustable maintenance and calibration intervals
• Multiple measuring station configurations
  are available for custom applications
• Range of options provide system flexibility
• Various user levels protect the device against misuse
  and prevent unauthorized
  people from using it

• Different drive units
  or devices can be connected simultaneously to MarSurf XR 1
MarSurf XR 1 | Art. no. 6910070
Measuring principle Stylus method
Probe BFW skidless system with MarSurf SD 26 drive unit and/or PHT skidded system with MarSurf RD 18 drive unit
Measuring range mm +/- 250 µm (up to +/- 750 µm with 3x probe arm length) applies to BFW system
350 µm applies to PHT probe system
Filter according to ISO/JIS filter as per ISO 16610-21(replaced Gaussian filter as per ISO 11562), robust Gaussian filter a per ISO 16610-31
Traversing lengths MarSurf GD 26 / SD 26: Automatic; 0.56 mm*; 1.75 mm; 5.6 mm; 17.5 mm, 56 mm,
Measurement up to stop, variable
* Traversing length dependent on  drive unit
RD 18: Automatic; 1.75 mm; 5.6 mm; 17.5 mm
Number n of sampling length according to ISO/JIS 1 to 50 (default: 5)
Stylus 2 µm
Measuring force (N) 0.75 mN
Surface parameters Over 80 surface parameters for R, P and W profiles according to current ISO/JIS or MOTIF standards (ISO 12085)

Variety of applications for our products

Mechanical engineering
Bearings, shafts, racks, valves, various components from the engineering and precision engineering industry

Steering, brake system, gearbox, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head, cylinder block, turbocharger

Surface roughness measurement for hip and knee endoprostheses

Turbine components

Various optical components
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