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MarForm MMQ 400

Art. no. 5440770

The MarForm MMQ400 range is the flexible, fully automated solution for form and position measurements and much more.
The use of extremely smooth axes and the MarWin platform software ensure that other applications, such as  roughness, waviness, and contour measurements can be completed.
The flexibility and versatility provide a highly cost-effective measuring system which pays for itself in the shortest amount of time.

MarForm MMQ 400
MarForm MMQ 400
MarForm MMQ 400 can be used universally for comprehensive workpiece assessment as per DIN ISO 1101.
High-precision measuring axes in Z and X make every form measuring task possible. There are MarForm MMQ 400 versions available for
  • High-precision workpieces
  • Unusually long workpieces
  • Large and heavy workpieces
  • Use in production or in inspection rooms
Choose from a range of modules available to optimally customize the MarForm MMQ 400 to your requirements:
  • Motorized or manual centering and tilting table
  • Vertical axis (Z) with a 900 mm, 500 mm or 350 mm measuring length
  • Horizontal axis (X) with a 180 mm or 280 mm measuring length and with digital linear scales in axes X and Z. For measurements where the exact, reproducible determination of the measuring location influences the result
  • optional motorized tailstock for shafts from 200 mm long
The T7W measuring probe has a motorized rotational axis which allows you to move the probe arm gradually into any desired contact position. It can be used for measurements on both cylindrical surfaces and end faces. In addition, as a zero position probe, the T7W can also switch between inner and outer measurements or between top and bottom end face measurements automatically, without operator intervention. Fully automatic measuring sequences on complex workpieces can be performed without operator intervention. The T7W probe arms are interchangeable. With its motorized rotational axis you can also create multi-point probe arms – i.e. probe arms with multiple contact elements – allowing you to switch between different stylus ball geometries within a measuring run.
Combine the checking of form and position tolerances with the monitoring of roughness parameters. The motorized, program-controlled switching between the form probe and the roughness probe make it possible to measure roughness and form in one clamping movement thus saving time and money.
MarForm MMQ 400 | Art. no. 5440770
Roundness deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring height) * 0,01 + 0,00025
Straightness deviation / 100 mm measuring path (µm)**, Z axis 0.15 
Measuring speed (mm/s), Z axis 0,1-30
Positioning speed (mm/s), Z axis 0,5 -100
Roundness deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring height) ** 0,02 + 0,0005
Axial runout deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring radius) * 0,02 + 0,0001
Axial runout deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring radius) ** 0,04 + 0,0002
Table diameter (mm) 285 
Speed (rpm) 50 Hz / 60 Hz 0.2-15
Footer text * Values as maximum deviation from LSC reference circle, filter 15 undulations/revolution.
** All values in accordance with DIN ISO 1101 at 20°C ±1°C in a vibration-neutral environment, filter 15 undulations/revolution LSC or 2.5 mm LSS, 5 rpm or 5 mm/s and standard probe arm with ball diameter 3 mm. Proof at the standard using error separation techniques. Given the number of different options available, only a few machines are described here by way of example. Technical data for "your" MMQ is available from Mahr on request.

Variety of applications for our products

Specific measuring tasks
Form & position, roughness, contour, waviness, and line form in the following industries

Mechanical engineering

Bearings, ball screws, shafts, sockets, rotational bushings

Measurement close to production
PLC and end-of-line testing

Automotive industry
Steering, brake system, gearbox, motor

Hip and knee endoprostheses,  medical screws,  teeth implants
Process-reliable measurement
Highly accurate axes and scales ensure measurements are completed with the lowest measuring uncertainties.
Intuitive handling
Simple switch between different measuring tasks and customizable software with feature-based creation of measuring programs and management of favorites.
Combined measurement methods
The MarForm MMQ 400 is a universal measuring system for a broad range of applications. Combine form, roughness, contour, and a waviness analysis in one measuring procedure, for example.
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