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MarForm MMQ 200

Art. no. 5440750

The MMQ 200 is the compact form measuring machine for manufacturing workshops and inspection rooms. Two versions are available: As a measuring station with the universal measuring probe T20W and as a measuring station with the motorized measuring probe T7W, which takes automation another step forward with its unique motorization.

MarForm MMQ 200
MarForm MMQ 200
The MMQ 200 is the compact form measuring machine for manufacturing workshops and inspection rooms.

  • Proof of form and position deviations as per DIN/ISO 1101
  • Fully automatic measuring sequences
  • Precision roundness measuring axis (C)
  • Motorized vertical measuring axis (Z)
  • Motorized horizontal positioning axis (X)
  • Manual centering and tilting table
  • T20W manual length measuring probe or
  • T7W motorized probe
  • Ergonomic control panel, can also be used to start selected measuring programs (P1, P2, P3)
T7W motorized probe

When combined motorized probe T7W, the MMQ 200 can also be used for roughness and lead measurements.
The MMQ 200 is thus the most universal measuring system in its class and offers an unbeatable price/performance ratio.
MarForm MMQ 200 | Art. no. 5440750
Roundness deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring height) * 0,015 + 0,0003
Measuring path, motorized Z (mm) 250 
Straightness deviation / 100 mm measuring path (µm)**, Z axis 0.15 
Straightness deviation / total measuring path (µm)**, Z axis 0.3 
Parallelism deviation Z-/C axis in tracing direction, measuring path (µm) 0.5 
Measuring speed (mm/s), Z axis 0.5-30
Positioning speed (mm/s), Z axis 0,5-100
Roundness deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring height) ** 0,03 + 0,0006
Axial runout deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring radius) * 0,02 + 0,0001
Axial runout deviation (µm+µm/mm measuring radius) ** 0,04 + 0,0006
Centering and tilting table manual
Table diameter (mm) 160 
Table load capacity, centered (N) 200 
Speed (rpm) 50 Hz / 60 Hz 0.2-15
Footer text * Values as maximum deviation from LSC reference circle, filter 15 undulations/revolution.
** All values in accordance with DIN ISO 1101 at 20°C ±1°C in a vibration-neutral environment, filter 15 undulations/revolution LSC or 2.5 mm LSS, 5 rpm or 5 mm/s and standard probe arm with ball diameter 3 mm. Proof at the standard using error separation techniques. Given the number of different options available, only a few machines are described here by way of example. Technical data for "your" MMQ is available from Mahr on request.
Intuitive handling
The intuitive MarWin EasyForm software makes operation very easy. You can execute the measurement in just three clicks and will receive an informative measuring record.
Combined measurement methods
In combination with automatic probe T7W, MMQ200 offers the combined measurement of form, roughness, and lead parameters.
This makes it unique in its class and can be implemented in a highly economical way.
Frees up operator time
Automated axes and the T7W probe ensure automatic measuring runs. The probe can be switched between inner/outer measurements and horizontal/vertical measurements using the software.
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