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Multimar 36B-20

Art. no. 2050647

Multimar 36B-20
  • Friction-free, zero-backlash measuring anvil holder for high measuring accuracy
  • Parallel spring-loaded system for repeatable measuring force
  • User-friendly and ergonomic:
    - Table surface can be tilted and clamped between 0° and 90°
    - Adjustable lifting of movable measuring probe
  • Adjustable measuring force
Multimar 36B-20 | Art. no. 2050647
Measuring force up to 35 N
Measuring force from 0 N
Mounting hole 0.375"

Variety of applications for our products

  • For measuring internal and external diameters, centering edges, narrow shoulders and recesses
  • “T”-plates give a diameter reading directly across the diameter. A third contact may be used as a side-stop or centralizer
Label Art. no.
2225702 Measuring anvil for JW-9
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